You won’t find fancy letters after my name, but you will find a ton of experience under my belt. I’ve spent the last decade and a half building businesses.

Once upon a time, I built a business that failed – rock-bottom, bankruptcy, and all that jazz. So I know WHAT NOT TO DO from my real life business experience.

Then I built a business that thrived – hugely profitable, thoroughly gratifying, conscious and highly intentional…all the good, juicy stuff. #209 on the Inc. 5000 Fasted Growing Companies in America in 2015. And a multi-million dollar buyout. So I also know EXACTLY WHAT TO DO from my real life business experience.

I went from bankruptcy and broke to multi-millionaire within four years. Changing the dial on my frequency changed everything for me. This is possible for you, too. And I can show you how.

A lot of coaches focus on mindset – which is definitely important. But if you don’t have the structure and systems for success, you’ll run into problems. I’m one part Business Systems Strategist and one part Prosperity Coach. I give you the tools to unearth your unique gifts and create abundant cash flow by doing your soul’s work in the world.

I’m a practical advisor on world-changing and money-making.

In a marketplace full of coaches and consultants who have only ever been coaches and consultants, I’ve been an entrepreneur. I’ve had hundreds of employees, managed multi-million dollar contracts and Fortune 100 clients. I’ve been penniless past hope and I’ve been wildly wealthy.

And I’ve grown from it all.

Now it’s time for you to grow.